01-11-2021: Once again we had a wonderful season with almost all villas continuously occupied with very satisfied guests.
We will continue with our free cancellation option, as long as there is uncertainty about the Corona Virus. Which means: all payments returned if it is not possible to travel to the accommodation (booked period) due to corona government measures.

28-03-21: This year we will also offer our guests the option of free cancellation (all payments returned) if due to corona government measures the travel advice to the accommodation (booked period) code is orange or red.

5-09-20: Despite some restrictions, the Rentasunnyplace villas were almost all completely booked again this summer. To those who could not come because of the virus we returned all their (down) payments. That’s how we do it!
The guests who did come, experienced little inconvenience from the circumstances and enjoyed the tranquility of the villas even more.


Rentasunnyplace understands that the corona virus creates a lot of uncertainty.
For those who are already thinking about their holidays, we have, in consultation with the owners, the following steps taken (until it is clear when the Spanish borders will open again):  

  1. Cancel free of charge for current bookings.
    Rentasunnyplace offers all its guests who want to because of the corona virus cancel the possibility of doing so free of charge. This can at least lead to a month before arrival. At that point, we will revisit the situation Estimate.
  2. New reservations without a deposit.
    Rentasunnyplace offers new guests the opportunity to make a reservation without having to pay the usual deposit. This can lead to a month before arrival. Even then, we will look at the situation at that moment.

Flexibility without financial obligations hopefully helps our guests to enjoy all the beauty in this beautiful part of southern Spain as soon as the situation permits.